Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My co-blogger Jacqueline Ruyak passed away on October 21 after a brief illness. She and I had been friends for 36 years, but it was only in the last 10 years or so that we discovered our mutual love of baseball. It became a tradition for her to come to the West Coast when her beloved Phillies were playing the Giants. I sometimes went to Philadelphia when my Oakland A's were playing the Phillies. We took road trips together to see spring training games in the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues, Arizona Fall Ball and many minor league games. It is hard to believe that we will no longer sit side by side filling out our scorebooks and commenting on the new crop of cute players. We will no longer mail our team badges to each other. I know that Jacqueline had a passion for writing baseball commentary and our blog was the perfect forum for her. I am forever grateful for our baseball friendship. I cannot imagine spring training without her.


Cyrilla Mozenter said...

I only just discovered. Jacqueline's mother called. She had just opened and read a card (with image of sand manadala) I had sent Jacqueline last week. She wanted to wish me (and my husband Philip) good luck. I only met Jacqueline once. She visited on assignment from Surface Design to write an article about my work approx 3 years ago. She wrote a beautiful article and we took to corresponding. I loved receiving her communications. Late this summer postcards replaced emails. On Oct 12 she scrawled, "...If the laptop gets hooked up while I am still sentient I will get in touch. But I've got this fading fast feeling. Is that all there is?" I had not known she was ill.

mrpotani said...

Cyrilla, Thanks for writing. Jacqueline often talked about your fabulous art. She hardly told anyone that she was dying. She only told me towards the very end, and she told me before she told her own mother with whom she lived. Very shocking and sad.

Cyrilla Mozenter said...

Thank you for responding.

It has taken me awhile to 'check in' again.
My husband had a kidney transplant surgery.
I was the donor.
It was successful.
My last communication to Jacqueline was about this upcoming event.
That's why her mother called to wish us well.


Cyrilla Mozenter said...

Shocking and sad indeed.
So glad to have known her.